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Hi, My Name Is Shasha Ash (AKA 'Skater Ash'), with a lot of time in my hands, I checked too many skate shoes for myself and for my kids, and now i know which skate shoes are the best!

If you enjoy skateboarding, you know that you need the right skate shoes. These products just make it so much easier to grip the board and do all the tricks. However, there are so many brands out there that it makes it hard to know what to get. With that, some people keep different pairs for different needs.

When you find something you like, it’s best to get more than one pair. That way, you can change them out and have more durability.

With so many featured items out there, it’s hard to know what to shop for. However, water-resistant or waterproof shoes may be the right choice for you because you get something that works in all types of weather.

See the top-rated waterproof shoes for skating today!

Top Waterproof Skating Shoes

The Soulsfeng brand may not be as well-known as some of the others, but it doesn’t mean that men can’t get the quality they want. In fact, it might just surpass what Vans offers.

Most people prefer this style in the color black, but it also comes in two-tone colors, red, OG print, and a boot style. Therefore, if you like high-tops this is the right option for you! In fact, there are so many colors that you might want to get one product in all of them!

These shoes have a slip-resistant sole made of rubber. Plus, the upper layer is made of leather with joint-needle stitching. It looks quite amazing and has different styling based on the colors you choose.

Can you get these shoes wet? Yes! They are water-resistant because of the leather and rubber construction. Plus, they look great and get better with age.

With that, it features an air sole design, so your feet stay comfortable all day long. The lace-up construction ensures that you can make them tighter or looser, depending on the task you’re doing. Regardless, you have protection, stability, and reliability at all times.

They’re designed for men and women, but they fit true to size. However, they do have a large price tag, which makes sense because they can do so much. These shoes are an investment that you should make right now!

The Reebok Work Soyay shoe features the classic skate style you know and love. In fact, it appears to be an Oxford, but it has a steel toe cap to meet/exceed ASTM safety standards. You can see how men flock to it because it offers electrical hazard protection and looks great.

This low-top product is slip-resistant and water-resistant because of the leather upper. Plus, it comes in the color black and many other shades to meet your needs. Match your outfits or go with something that fits any wardrobe.

There’s also a removable footbed, which means you can change the insoles or do whatever is required. You can also appreciate the nylon mesh lining that comes with these shoes. They are fully breathable, so you don’t get swampy, stinky feet as you work or play.

Plus, the shoes fit to size, which means you can order online and ensure that they’re suitable for you. Though the price is a bit high, the steel-toed feature makes it all worthwhile.

Men often find that they want the top choice when it comes to shoes. If your goal is to have something water-resistant and slip-resistant, then the Heely’s brand is ideal.

They appear to be a low-top pair that comes in the color black (among others). Plus, the size is usually true to form.

You’re sure to appreciate the padded collar, which makes them more comfortable. On top of that, the lace-up style means that they are easy to wear. With that, this product features a leather upper, so you know they’re designed to last.

As with similar items, these shoes have a higher price than what you may pay for traditional sneakers. However, they aren’t your average pair of tennis shoes, so you can expect them to be an investment you should make for your skating enjoyment.

Most men find something they like and buy multiple of the same. It saves time because they don’t have to worry about running out or the company changing the style.

The moment you see the shoes from DC, you want to grab multiple pairs. These low-top shoes come in tons of colors, but the most popular color is black. You can also get white, gray, and two-tone styles.

With this product, you get water resistance because of the leather upper. Plus, they are slip-resistant thanks to the rubber sole. On top of it all, these shoes have a lightweight and padded tongue/collar to offer more support and comfort for your feet. At the bottom, there are small ventilation holes for breathability.

You’re sure to appreciate that you don’t get swamp feet with these shoes. While they don’t look fancy, they are designed specifically for skating. With that, the price is a bit lower, so they’re more affordable for those on a budget. The size is true, so you can order online with confidence.

When you want the best footwear, you know it has to be slip-resistant and water-resistant. Regardless of your gender, the Meduman brand has you covered. This product comes in a black or white color, and they are true to size.

With that, these items feature a classic style and are considered high-tops. The leather material ensures that you can get them wet with no issues. Plus, they’re designed for winter and have a fur lining inside. You may expect to pay a higher price because of that, but they are quite affordable when compared to the others on the list.

Buyer's Guide

When you find something that you really like, you usually buy it immediately. However, there are plenty of top-featured products on the market for skate shoes, making it tough to know which ones to get.

Typically, you want something that repels water. Are there other details to consider when you shop? It’s high time you learn what to look for when choosing such items as skate shoes.

What you see isn’t always what you get. Therefore, here are the points to consider:

You want to get shoes that have a high brand value. What does that mean, though? Ultimately, it means that the manufacturer is trustworthy and only produces products that fit well and do what they claim. With time, the company might change a few things to make them better.

However, you can’t focus solely on the branding. Sometimes, you get something that doesn’t meet your needs. Still, if you go with a reputable company, you’re more likely to get the sort of results you crave.

Before choosing the right shoes, you should focus on what features are available. While they should be waterproof, as that’s the goal with these products, you should also consider the styling. If you get a low top, it means that it protects your ankles a bit less.

Likewise, you should look for items that have the details you crave. Rubber soles ensure durability. With so many brands, what you see isn’t always what you get. Therefore, you should think about the size and everything else to ensure that you achieve the results you want.

Clearly, a water-resistant shoe should repel water, and that’s the main goal here. However, many brands achieve greater success with their products and offer slip-resistant shoes.

Another high point is that they are durable enough to withstand water for many years. If the sole breaks down too soon, they aren’t slip-resistant anymore.

You want to get something that meets all of your needs. When focused on quality, the price you pay can make a difference in the results you get. Therefore, make sure to sort each pair as to how well it repels water and whether it’s got a slip-resistant sole or not.


When it comes to skate shoes, you want the best items you can get. Then, when you find something you truly like, you may want to buy many of them so that you always have something from a reputable source.

With so many brands out there, it’s hard to shop for and get the right pair of shoes. There are many featured options, but you must ensure that they offer the right features and benefits for you.

Ultimately, the Heelys brand is likely the best water-resistant skate shoe out there. You can see that it offers many colors and looks stylish. There’s no need to change what you do when you keep these shoes on your feet. Go out and skateboard to your heart’s content!

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