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Hi, My Name Is Shasha Ash (AKA 'Skater Ash'), with a lot of time in my hands, I checked too many skate shoes for myself and for my kids, and now i know which skate shoes are the best!

When it comes to skating, you need to wear the right gear if you want to minimize the chances of having an accident. Additionally, having skate shoes can make you look more stylish while riding your skateboard.

Keep in mind that skate shoes can vary in brand name, price, size, color, and many more properties. There are also some specific skate shoes for women since the average woman has slightly different foot properties than the average male.

We know that choosing the best women’s skate shoes may be challenging at first, and that’s what this article is for. On this page, we’re going to take a look at the best eight skateboarding shoes for women in 2021 so that you can shop for footwear that fits your needs.

Top Vans Asher Women's Skate Shoes for 2021

These are the top of the line for Vans Asher women’s skate shoes. This shoe features a rubber sole and is durable and strong. With that, it holds the Vans Asher name.

You’re sure to appreciate these Vans Asher women’s skate shoes because of the elastic on the sides. They’re easy to clean and slip on, and they fit well. If comfort is your goal, then the Vans Asher slip-on sneaker is what you should select. It has a streamlined style and is ready for action!

Another great Vans Asher slip-on sneaker is the Rainbow Chex one. It has a fun, child-like style and great fit. Ultimately, these skate shoes also have elastic around the tongue. That way, you can put them on quickly and easily.

The Vans Asher brand also includes a canvas upper and padded collar. The shoe is what you should select if you want something fun and comfortable. With that, the item features a cushioned footbed for shock-absorbing comfort!

Are you interested in a style that matches your quirkiness? The classic version of the Vans Asher women’s skate shoe has a lot of different prints and has a true fit. With that, the skate shoes have a canvas upper that makes them comfortable all day long.

Ultimately, if you want a Vans Asher shoe, then you need the Vans Asher slip-on sneaker in the classic style. Select it today and enjoy watching others glance at your shoes before checking out your skateboard moves.

Many people prefer Vans Asher women’s skate shoes that look like regular sneakers. If that is you, then be prepared to select the Era skate shoes.

They have a relaxed style, but the fit is second-to-none. Plus, you can select different colors to meet your needs. As a shoe-lover, you may want a Vans Asher Era in every color of the rainbow. Plus, the canvas upper is breathable, and the laces allow you to keep them tight while you jump.

When it comes to fit and style, you can’t go wrong with the Old Skool version of the Vans. This shoe is a classic for a reason. The old-school boy look is the reason for the popularity, and they’re used to perform tricks on the skateboard.

Many professionals use these skate shoes. They’re breathable and one of the most lightweight options on the market. Plus, they’re comfortable at the heels and offer precision grip on the board so that you can show off your skills effortlessly.

However, the material looks like various threads and can catch dirt inside because they’re made of canvas. Therefore, they aren’t as easy to clean as some of the others. Make sure that you clean them regularly and care for them.

Regardless, the old-school vibe they give off is something that makes them unique. You’re sure to be the most stylish at the skate park in these shoes!

Another great Vans Asher slip-on sneaker is the Sketch Checkerboard version. This shoe is designed to fit and has a padded tongue. Plus, it’s easy on the toe, which means you can work your moves with little to no problem.

Select this item if you want a sturdy upper with a fun, quirky print that goes with everything.

Buyer's Guide for Vans Asher Women's Skate Shoes

It’s not that hard to choose the best shoes for skating, and the Vans Asher slip-on sneaker is certainly one of the top choices. However, it’s best to know how to choose the right pair based on your preferences and skating style.

The buyer’s guide includes the factors that most skateboarders care about when they’re trying to get the best skate shoes.

The sole is the main thing to consider when choosing skate shoes. They could use different materials based on the brand and all the rest.

Vans typically uses rubber because it offers more comfort and can prevent minor injuries and bumps. They tend to absorb shocks and may have a herringbone feature to give you more grip. Try to find a shoe with a great tread pattern to get the most from them.

Ultimately, you want a padded lining inside to offer comfort to the toe and foot region. Vans shoes are really easy on the feet and can help to prevent bruises and other injuries. When choosing skate shoes, the best thing to do is to check the level of cushioning available inside.

Women’s shoes tend to have cheap insoles with thin foam. You can sometimes get air gel or a combination, but that’s few and far between.

However, the Vans brand focuses on comfort and ensures that you have the best insoles. They are designed to be long-lasting. Plus, many of them let you remove the inner soles, which means it’s easier to replace them. When you find something like that, grab onto them and don’t let go!

The midsole in women’s shoes is the middle part between the outsole and upper. Most women’s shoes have a thin one, but when choosing a skate shoe, you want a thicker midsole. That way, you have enough toe room and feel comfortable, while you’re on your board most of the day.

Generally, they use polyurethane or foam. However, there could be a lining inside that makes it more breathable.

Most Vans women’s shoes offer more support on the heels to prevent injuries. You may be rocking back and forth most of the day, so it’s best if there’s a rubber outsole. From there, you require a padded area for the heel, such as with gel or air pockets. That way, you have extra comfort.

Typically, pro skaters always check the heel support of new shoes.

The outsole tread pattern can vary between shoes and brands. Typically, Women’s Vans shoes have a honeycomb pattern that helps the rubber grip the skateboard effortlessly. Whether buying online or not, it’s always a good idea to see the bottom of the shoe before making a decision.

It’s crucial to check the materials used in women’s shoes. You want something that’s durable, so it protects against wipeouts and incorrect footings.

There are various materials available, and here are the top choices:

Leather has always been the top choice for women’s skateboarding. It’s ultra-durable and resistant to abrasions. If you tend to do a lot of tricks, then this is the one to go with.

Full-grain leather is the most durable of them all, but it might not grip as well as the suede versions. Typically, suede is soft and flexible, so you might not need an inner lining. However, leather isn’t breathable. Therefore, you want to go with ventilation holes or choose a different material altogether, especially if your feet sweat easily.

Most of the Women’s Vans Asher slip-on sneaker options are made of canvas to be lightweight. This is a great choice if you want to do flip tricks. Plus, they’re usually more affordable and don’t sacrifice comfort. However, they may wear down more frequently if you skate a lot.

Regardless, they are breathable and work well for rookies.

It’s best to go with double or triple stitching because they last longer. You may also use “shoe goo” to protect the stitches.

Conclusion - The Best Vans Asher Women's Skate Shoes for 2021

Many people prefer the Vans Asher women’s skate shoes above all others. There are various styles and options available, and you might want to try them all.

Still, the most popular is the Women’s Vans Asher slip-on sneaker. Though it doesn’t come in many colors, you can choose from white, yellow, or dark yellow.

Look stylish while wearing shoes that grip the board and help you make the right moves. You’re sure to enjoy skateboarding a lot more now!

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