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Hi, My Name Is Shasha Ash (AKA 'Skater Ash'), with a lot of time in my hands, I checked too many skate shoes for myself and for my kids, and now i know which skate shoes are the best!

A good pair of steel toe skate shoes can look trendy and fashionable, but they’re primarily there to protect your feet. Many people feel that they need boots, but shoes can still give you the performance you need with a unique look.

With so many manufacturers out there, it can be hard to decide which shoes are best for you. Skating is a fun pastime, but it does require you to have appropriate clothing. With that, safety footwear can provide extra protection to your toes and keep you on your board for longer periods.

Before getting to the top eight options on the market, it’s important to understand why you use the shoes and the features available or possible.

Two Primary Steel Toe Shoes for Skates

A safety-toe shoe usually has steel inside, but a quality one can be divided into two different categories based on the type of outsole:

  • Cup Sole – A cup sole offers more cushioning and is a thicker sole for the shoe. This provides more impact protection and absorbs shocks better. Typically, shoes with steel toes that have a cup sole are used by skaters who prefer to jump high distances and want to perform aerials. With that, the cup sole shoes offer a heavy-duty defense and more durability for tough and dangerous tricks.
  • Vulcanized Soles – You may find that a vulcanized sole is slimmer and offers a more casual appearance than other shoes. Vulcanized soles don’t have as much cushion and are less protective. Still, they’re more flexible and lightweight. Usually, they don’t come as boots. Plus, this type of shoe is ideal for control on board tricks.

Here are a few other noteworthy features to consider:

  • Comfort – Each skate shoe brand has its own unique features for comfort. This usually means some form of cushioning to absorb shocks. With that, most shoes have a lightweight foam cushioning with a midsole made of PU foam for more durability. Vulcanized shoes offer another layer of cushioning in the heel to make up for the thin soles. Some shoes offer a heel collar for more stability. That way, the shoes don’t slip off the feet while on the skateboard.
  • Durability – Some features make the shoes more durable, such as guards for the laces. That way, your shoes don’t chew them up. There could also be more material layers on top to reduce wear and tear. With that, the outsole may be made of rubber, which grips better and can last longer.
  • Style – There are various styles and brands out there for skate shoes. You can find something that matches your style through patterns, colors, and other options.

Benefits of Using a Steel Toe Shoe

There are various benefits of using steel-toe skate shoes. They include:

  • Performance – You don’t need boots to have a reliable and durable skate shoe. The steel toes enable you to do dangerous tricks with confidence.
  • Toe protection – A safety shoe is there to protect the toes from compression, abrasion, and objects. If your skateboard falls on them, they are less likely to get injured.

Use Them for Work

Many people are avid skateboarders or love the style that skate shoes offer. If that’s the case, you can find various brands that offer boots and steel-toe shoes available for your job. You get extra safety from your work shoes in the form of more protection.

The honest work you do ensures that you get the job done while wearing stylish steel-toe skate shoes. Just make sure that the work shoe you choose offers slip resistance and is made of electrical hazard-rated-safe materials.

Features to Consider for a Great Steel Toe Skate Shoe

  • Safety – A safety shoe features a slip-resistant outsole and can resist electrical hazards.
  • Comfort – EVA cushioning for the insole and midsole offer more shock absorbency.
  • Durable – With double laces and top layers, you can fold them in. Plus, they should feature a rubber outsole to last longer.
  • Style – You can find different upper options, including canvas, leather, and suede, in various patterns and colors.
  • Construction – You don’t need boots here! A cement construction or a durable welt one can protect you from an electrical hazard. They usually feature vulcanized or cup outsoles.
  • Materials – Rubber is the best choice for the outsole, with leather as the upper. With that, a mesh lining is ideal.

The Best Skate Shoes with a Steel Toe

Those who want a stylish work shoe are sure to appreciate the one from Caterpillar. It offers great protection from the steel toe, and it is ASTM-compliant.

That means you get electrical hazard protection, so you can show off this safety shoe at work. In a sense, this is the perfect example of how you can have the best in a single shoe. Everyone likes that the upper is made of leather, making it very durable.

Plus, the slip-resistant rubber on the bottom ensures that you can grip the board effortlessly with few problems.

Reebok is a great brand and has some of the best skate shoes. You’re sure to appreciate that you can wear this safety shoe at work. Though it looks sporty, it’s suitable for just about anything you might need.

Everyone likes the leather uppers with the cushioned midsole made of EVA. This offers more shock absorbency.

Plus, they focus on safety because no electrical hazard can befall them. You can stay grounded, even when you’re working around electricity.

With that, the steel toe is protective, and you get a slip-resistant rubber outsole. If that weren’t enough, the nylon mesh lining helps with breathability so that you stay comfortable all day long. Whether you’re skating or working, this is the shoe you need!


Those who want a more casual look may prefer the Dickies brand. It’s very popular as steel toe shoes and skate shoes. This pair of shoes offers a durable and comfortable leather upper with a full lining. You get the benefit of moisture-wicking fabric for a more breathable performance. That way, your feet are cool and dry.

However, safety is the main goal here with the protective steel toe. Plus, they are slip-resistant and very supportive. You’re sure to get a comfortable fit and can even remove the EVA insole. It’s compression-molded for strength, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to do so!

The Steel Edge features steel toe safety shoes made for skating. You get a puncture-resistant outer plate. Plus, the ASTM compliance ensures that you can use it around electricity with no fear.

This shoe offers a durable construction, and it has an inner lining made of breathable synthetic mesh. With that, the uppers are made of suede leather to look amazing.

However, your goal is likely on protection, and the soleplate resists punctures to make that happen. Plus, there’s slip resistance because of the rubber outsole! Look stylish and protect your feet with these shoes!

Harley Davidson is well-known for its motorcycles, but it also offers safety-toe shoes. The steel toe is a great addition to the lineup.

You’re sure to appreciate the simple style, but the best part is that they’re durable. They can last many years, depending on how hard you work them. Plus, they are slip-resistant, which means you can show them off on the job with less fear.

If you want to keep your feet cool and safe, then the Iron Age brand is ideal. It features safety toe shoes that are suitable for skateboarding. The steel toe offers protection, but they are made with materials designed to protect from electrical hazards.

Those who want safety shoes with a great look should consider Keen Utility. The steel toe gives you more protection, but you’re sure to appreciate that they are oil-resistant. Use them at the warehouse or factory with no problems at all!

Everyone wants similar shoes that can be worn for skating and work. Now, you can have both! The Fenlern brand looks like an average sneaker and is designed for women and men.

Your feet are sure to feel like there’s nothing on them because these shoes are lightweight. Plus, they’re oil-resistant, so you can wear them to work and to run errands!


As you’re skateboarding, you may want to consider steel toe skate shoes because they offer a new balance of fun and safety. You know that you require appropriate clothing and footwear, and that’s exactly what you get with any of these work shoes.

While you may think you need boots, you can wear shoes and get the same benefits and perks. Now that you know what to look for and the top eight choices, which one is the best?

All of these brands work well, but Reebok might be the best of the best. These shoes look just like sneakers and are designed to look great anywhere. Whether you stand in line or go online to get them, they can help you up your game, both at the skate park and on the job!

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