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Hi, My Name Is Shasha Ash (AKA 'Skater Ash'), with a lot of time in my hands, I checked too many skate shoes for myself and for my kids, and now i know which skate shoes are the best!

Best High-top Skate Shoes: Top Five Picks for 2021

Skate shoes are sneakers designed to provide a better skateboarding experience. They give the rider more grip on the board, help them perform tricks more smoothly, and keep their feet comfortable all day long.

High-tops have always been thought of as more of a fashion statement than a practical product, but that could not be further from the truth. Let’s see why they are a good choice, what brands to shop with, and get an idea of what items there are on the market today!

Why High-Top Skate Shoes?

Low rise styles may be more popular nowadays, but here are just a few reasons why high-tops may be a good pick for you:

  • You get more protection around your foot and shin.
  • High-tops keep your ankles supported.
  • If you skate in the cold, high-tops keep your feet warmer.
  • The extra padding in this style is comfier to walk around in.

What Makes a Skate Shoe Good?

Choice of Material

No matter what type of skateboarding shoes you decide to get- low or high- material matters. It largely comes down to personal preference, but these are some of the ones to look out for:

  • Leather and Textile

Although the price is often a bit higher, leather skating shoes are durable and stylish. They are not as breathable as some others, which is why you should get a textile blend.

  • Suede

Once waterproofed, suede can last a life time. If you want you new shoes to stay looking new for a while, this is worth considering. It is has great manoeuvrability and looks attractive.

  • Canvas

Most classic skateboarding sneakers are made primarily of canvas. Think Converse and Vans- big brands have mastered how to use this ultra-breathable material to create great designs at a great price.

The Details

The sigh of a good design is in the finer points of the work. Some minor details to look for when you shop for new skating sneakers are:

  • Double or triple stitching
  • Vulcanised rubber soles
  • Lace covers
  • Cushioning
  • Sock lining

Comfortable Fit and Style to Match

It may seem obvious but fit is everything. Just because a shoe is your size, it doesn’t mean it is going to fit comfortably. With high-tops, the ankle section needs to sit correctly on your leg, otherwise, you don’t get the desired support.

When you shop online, always double-check the sizing and research how accurate it is. See the customer comments for a better of how true to size the product is.

Color is also important to a lot of people, even if it has nothing to do with how good their new shoes actually are. That being said, you do get a great range of color choices, so why not shop for one that suits your preference.

Best High Top Skate Shoes Brands

Classic slip-on low-rise skate shoes are easy to come by from many brand names and manufacturers. With premium high-tops, the choices are not so plentiful. If you want to get a pair of pro-level high-top sneakers, these are the brands to turn to:


Classic slip-on low-rise skate shoes are easy to come by from many brand names and manufacturers. With premium high-tops, the choices are not so plentiful. If you want to get a pair of pro-level high-top sneakers, these are the brands to turn to:


DC logo

The queen to Vans’ king, DC Shoes is a skateboard footwear icon. DC high-top sneakers are the ultimate style statement and a featured product on this list. Kids, men, and women can all find options to match their unique style and get them back on the board at the top of their game.


emerica logo

Emerica is a brand that knows how to do skating gear. Get kitted out head to toe in this awesome skate brand and enjoy free shipping on any order over $100. Both the high and low-top shoes on sale from the Emerica brand use the best materials, shapes, and grips.



Created by skaters for skaters, the Osiris brand is a recognizable name in every aspect of the sport. The high-top sneakers they sell are stylish, practical, and add a pop of color! This brand has been big since the skateboarding heyday back in the mid-90s, and the products live up to the reputation.

Top Five Skate Shoes 2021

The Vans Sk8-Hi shoe is an iconic classic that has stood the test of time. Even if the brand could make 100 new designs, it would still struggle to top the Sk8-Hi Core Classic. Available from size 4.5 to 13, this shoe is suitable for men, women, and teenagers.

Made of a canvas and suede combo with a vulcanized rubber sole and cushioned ankle support, these classic Vans make board contact and control easy. The shoe is lightweight yet insulated, keeping you feet warm during a cold day at the park.

Add a friendly price tag to all that and you get one class-act product. Why create a new design when the original still works so well?

One of the things we love about the DC Men’s Pure High Top WC shoe is the fact that it is 100% suede. Some color choices come in other materials but our favorite product is the suede model. DC is an American-made powerhouse in skateboarding footwear, and this design is no different!

The thick tongue and generous laces help you get that snug support around the ankle. If you skate a lot, the sturdy stitchwork does not disappoint. A new pair of DCs is hard to beat, especially when you can get them at a good price with free shipping.

When you shop for DC high-tops, the choice is plentiful. The Pure WC Suede model is the best of the bunch in our book.

When you wear a brand as internationally recognizable as Harley Davidson, you get a sense of status straight off the bat. The Harley Davidson skate shoe for men, you are sure to find that very same feeling.

The iconic Harley brand is not the only selling point here- the product itself also has a lot to like. Affectionately known as “The Baxter,” this skate shoe combines the best of comfort and durability. A cushioned slip sock lining keeps your feet feeling as good as new even after a long day, and the vulcanized rubber sole keeps the shoe damage-free.

In true Harley style, the body of the shoe is 100% leather. The black or white color options are clean and simple, again in keeping with the theme of the brand. Price points are a little higher on this product, but the Amazon sale price and free shipping make it more affordable.

VD5IBKA is the suede version of the Sk8-Hi classic design. As we know, suede is a great choice of material for skateboarding shoes. Cleverly placed canvas accents finish the look and bring a new level of comfort to the product.

With the same anti-slip rubber sole as the classic version, the Sk8 Hi Suede Shoe maintains excellent contact with a skateboard surface. Even if you are a customer of style rather than skating, this sort of product works just as well as casual wear.

The suede product is a slightly higher price than the original model, but it is worth it. Shop this all-black one-color Vans shoe on Amazon. It is currently available in size 9.5 or 11.5 for women or an eight or 10 for men.

Known for combining comfort, color, and style, Osiris skate shoes are a fan favorite. The Clone model is versatile and an excellent product for day-to-day wear. It has a DC-like shape to it, in that the tongue is wide and heavily padded.

The Osiris Clone Skate Shoe falls into the budget price bracket and comes with free delivery when you shop on Amazon. Some color options are available for an even lower sale price.

Customer reviews highlight the lightweight and breathable synthetic material. People who carry more weight or have wider feet seem to really like this product and brand.

The Emerica Mid-Rise Skate Shoe is an option for those looking to get the extra ankle protection high-top items provide but still want the movement a low-rise design allows. Mid-rise is a high-top alternative, and the Wino G6 is one of our favorites.

It is easy to slip your foot into then the double-wrapped durable construction keeps it feeling snug.

Although not specifically designed for skateboarding, this high-top is one of the most iconic shoes ever made. Plenty of pro skaters can be seen sporting these classics from time to time.

If you opt to get the leather Converse All-Stars instead on canvas, they are likely to last longer and better protect your feet while you skate.

Sk8-Hi Slim edition is one of the most popular choices for women. Although structured almost exactly like the Sk8-Hi Core Classic (number one on this list), the new slender shape lends itself to smaller feet and looks great for casual wear.

You get the same supportive comfort, although not as much cushioning, as the classic style. Thinner laces and a more compact finish give that sleek, slim look. They run at a similar price and represent the Vans brand just as well.


Before you shop for new skateboarding sneakers, make sure you think about what style is really going to suit you best. Low-rise shoes are more flexible but offer no support or protection at all. A constantly scraped and bruised ankle could be a sign that high-tops are the way to go.

When you see a pair you like for the color and style, check out the material and specifics too. Price is always a factor, although most of the best items out there cost roughly the same. Amazon is a great place to shop for new skate shoes, thanks to some excellent deals and low-price shipping.

Skateboarding is one of America’s favorite hobbies- don’t get caught out by having the wrong sneakers.

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