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Hi, My Name Is Shasha Ash (AKA 'Skater Ash'), with a lot of time in my hands, I checked too many skate shoes for myself and for my kids, and now i know which skate shoes are the best!

The skate footwear market is gaining a lot of popularity recently; in fact, skateboarding, in general, has been gaining much more ground as a sport than before. Thanks to the influence of many pro skateboarders worldwide, many kids, teenagers, and adults are buying skate gear, going to their favorite skate site, and skate for hours

One of the most important pieces of gear for skateboarding is skate shoes. Keep in mind that having a good pair of sneakers can help you get more grip for your skateboard, which allows you to navigate with much more control over the skate site. However, choosing these products may not be as easy as it sounds since there are many brands to choose from.

On this website, we’re going to take a look at the eS Skate Shoes, which is a brand of skateboarding that specializes in this footwear kind. In essence, we’re going to go over the eight best products you can currently shop from this brand so that you can make a choice based on your current skateboarding needs.

What Shoes Do Skaters Use?

While you can take regular shoes to your skate site, you’re not going to experience the full skateboarding experience with them. Keep in mind that skate shoes can increase your board feel, grip, and even prevent injuries.

Thankfully, most of these shoe types have stylish looks you can use to show off at your preferred skate site. As long as you feel comfortable with these products, you’re ensuring a much safer and better skateboarding experience for days to come. Overall, you must go shopping for specialized skateboarding products.

What Should You Look for In Skate Shoes?

You may be wondering what makes a skate shoe good. Generally speaking, you should go shopping for a product that feels good on your feet. However, if you want more technical information, here’s an overview of what makes a skate shoe great for you:

  • Padding: Depending on your taste, you may go shopping for padded tongues or heel collars. The more comfort you want while skateboarding, the more padding you should look for.
  • Grip: Most skate shoe products use grippy gum rubber, which is used to have a better grip on the board itself. Popular brands tend to offer amazing grip, although you may need to test these products before you purchase them.
  • Lace Protection: While it may not seem as important as the other factors, your lace holes should be protected/reinforced by metal. Keep in mind that you can easily rip your lace holes while skateboarding, so make sure to go shopping for a product with good lace protection.
  • Material: You may find products made from canvas, leather, synthetic leather, and others. In the case of skating, you must look for products with leather or suede since they provide the most durability for users.
  • Reinforcements: Skating shoe products come with some extra reinforcements, such as extra layers on the toe cap or the side. Remember that skating tends to be too aggressive on your footwear, so having the right reinforcement can prevent you from ripping them on your first sessions.
  • Design: This is not as important, but you’re not going to wear a shoe that you don’t like. Make sure you go shopping for products with a design you enjoy looking at.

What Is the eS Skate Shoe Brand?

The eS skate shoes are products that mix technical skateboarding features with slimmed-down styles. Overall, you’re getting minimalistic designs but amazing performance each time you go to your preferred skating site. The eS brand currently offers several products on both the Amazon website and its personal website, so we’re going to go over the best options you can shop for today.

Best 8 eS Skate Shoes You Can Shop In 2021

The Silo eS skate shoes are among the best options you can get from the Amazon website. These products feature a refined look with an STI energy foam midsole for better comfort, mesh underlays for better breathability, and reflective accents.

Additionally, this product comes with a pull loop on the heel and tongue, allowing you to adjust each shoe as you go through the skating site. This product is inspired by the eS Heritage line, which is another variant from eS.

You can read more about these eS skate shoes on their Amazon product website here.

  • Sale Price: $57.99 to $89.57, depending on the color and size
  • Free Shipping: No. Shipping costs approximately $24.99
  • Color:  Black and grey

The Accel Slim eS skate shoes are one of the most requested products from skate lovers. This is a redefined version of the Accel OG product (which we’re also going to cover on this website). As the eS brand states, this product provides excellent board feel, durability, and comfort.

It features advanced cupsole construction for better durability, STI insoles for better comfort, and premium quality suede upper texture for enhanced style. If you’re shopping for the best products on the market, the Accel Slim line is one of the best to consider.

Read more about this product on its Amazon product website here.

  • Sale Price: $74.36 to $80.99, depending on the color and size
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Color: Blue and white

This product falls into the “expensive” category, but it makes up for it by providing one of the most comfortable experiences we’ve seen for skateboarding footwear. Overall, this product features a clean, minimalistic design that goes right with any skating outfit.

Additionally, it comes with synthetic leather and mesh for better breathability, eS’s STI energy foam midsole, and a double cup outsole reinforcement for more durability and grip while skating. The Silo SC product targets people who are shopping for a classic look, so if this is you, go for it!

Read more about this product on its Amazon product site here.

  • Sale Price: $89.95 to $133.99, depending on the color and size
  • Free Shipping:  No
  • Color:  Black and brown

If you’re looking for color variety, this is the product for you. Overall, it comes with more than 10 different color styles. Aside from being highly stylish for most skaters, the Swift 1.5 comes with a 400Nbs cupsole for better grip, an STI thermohaline toe piece for better grip, and tongue stabilizers to ensure a snug fit.

We agree that style is also an important thing when choosing footwear, so keep this one in mind if you have the budget for it. You can read more about this product on its Amazon product site here.

  • Sale Price: $46.99 to $120.14, depending on the size and color you choose
  • Free Shipping: No, but it offers free returns in particular cases
  • Color: Black, blue, orange, red, white, etc

When it comes to the eS brand, this is the most iconic product it has available in its shop. The Accel OG has been worn by many pro skateboarders, increasing its popularity even more for people who are looking to enhance their skating experience.

While it features a simple design, you can expect an advanced cup sole construction, premium quality suede top, and a perforated side panel for better ventilation. Overall, this is the product you must shop for if you’re looking for the best.

Read more about this product on its Amazon product page here.

  • Sale Price: $65.52 to $119.99, depending on the size and color
  • Free Shipping: No, but it offers free returns in particular cases
  • Color: Black, brown, white, and charcoal

The most remarkable thing about the First Blood product is that it includes an extra “System G2” heel protection that doesn’t interfere with the general board feel. Additionally, it comes with vulcanized gum rubber for more flexibility and durability.

Overall, the First Blood shoe’s main goal is to provide as much comfort as possible for the user, so if this is your goal too, consider getting this product. You can read more about this product on its Amazon product site here.

  • Sale Price: $65.82 to $76.09, depending on the size and color you choose
  • Free Shipping: No
  • Color: White, blue, and black

The Quattro product came in 1998 with a revolutionary design. Today, this product was redesigned with better comfort, board feel, and enhanced appearance. In essence, this product comes with a TPR heel panel, reflective accents, premium build materials, breathable mesh inner lining, and more.

If you want to shop for a product that takes it back to the legendary classics, the Quattro product variant may be the right one for you. Read more about this product on its Amazon product site here.

  • Sale Price: $89.95 to $111.18, depending on the size
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Color: Black

The Evant product variant from eS combines both classic and modern designs while combining functionality and performance for skaters. Overall, it has an excellent insole for your feet, and it also provides the right amount of padding for you.

This product is one of the most durable ones on this list, and while it doesn’t offer free shipping, we believe it’s worth it for the price. Read more about this product on its Amazon product site here.

  • Sale Price: $75.39 to $100.00, depending on the size and color you choose
  • Free Shipping: No
  • Color: Black and white


eS has always been a leader in the skating equipment market, so if you’re planning on getting a new shoe pair, all of the products on this list are great picks for your next skating session!

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