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Don't Have Time to Read Through the Site? Here Are The Best DC Skate Shoes!

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Hi, My Name Is Shasha Ash (AKA 'Skater Ash'), with a lot of time in my hands, I checked too many skate shoes for myself and for my kids, and now i know which skate shoes are the best!

Anyone who has ever picked up a skateboard has heard of DC Shoes. Founded in 1994, the footwear giant has become a globally recognized brand in and out of the skateboarding community.

Its collection of men’s and women’s skate shoes and sports apparel is loved around the world. DC Shoes works with professional athletes to ensure every product enhances the skateboarding experience.

When you shop with this brand, you are guaranteed the best results.

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Why Pick DC Shoes?

If the brand’s sheer star power is not enough to convince you, then here are a few more reasons to shop at DC Shoes.

DC uses the best materials in all its products. All the skate shoes are double or triple stitched to ensure durability and quality. Knowing you can rely on your shoes leaves you free to enjoy the day.

Additionally, the rubber soles are vulcanized on all the sneakers designed for skateboarding. This adds an extra level of sturdiness to the shoes and a better grip on the board.

The brand is endorsed by professional athletes. Because of their input, the DC skate shoe collection is a cut above the competition.

Fashion may not be the first thing you need in a skate shoe, but it still counts, which is why DC footwear, clothing, and accessories look good.

There are plenty of color and style options to choose from for both men and women across all three categories.

Of course, practicality is slightly more important, especially if you do a lot of skateboarding. Support and maneuverability are essential to help you stay on the board and nail your stunts. DC Shoes knows this and makes it a priority.

Price always comes into it at one point or another, and luckily, DC products are affordable compared to some other leading brands.

The standard price range on skate shoes goes from around $50 to $115 (based on the official DC website). There are often great discounts available.

By subscribing as a member, you are entitled to free shipping on all products. You also get first-look access if a new collection is released, plus you are entitled to discount codes and promotions.

Choosing a Shoe

With so many DC skate shoes to choose from, knowing where to start can be tricky.

Before we talk about our favorite items, let’s look at some of the different filters and design options you can pick from. Using filters based on preferences can help narrow the search.

Please note that the DC skate shoe collection is predominantly designed for men.

High-top or low-top is a big debate point amongst skaters. In truth, it is all down to personal preference.

Low-top shoes are more popular for 2021, with more skaters preferring maneuverability. Because your foot is not restricted, it is easier to move around or do tricks. If you don’t like having anything around your ankle, definitely go for low-top.

High-top skate shoes are more of a fashion statement, but they do have their benefits. First of all, the low-rise style does not protect your ankle. With high-tops, you are less likely to spend your life with bruised, grazed ankles. Some people prefer the extra warmth if they skateboard in cold streets and parks.

The quick and easy slip-on shoe is super for people who are always in a rush. If you are mostly going to skate casually or not at all, the convenience and comfort of a slip-on shoe are great. However, if you skate a lot in skate parks or like to do stunts, you need more robust footwear.

Lace-up shoes can help you keep more control and are better for your feet in the long run. Staying on the board should not be made more difficult by a loose, unsecured skate shoe.

Most skate shoes are made of a combination of canvas, leather, and suede. Each material has its benefits but feels very different on your feet.

Canvas is perfect for a summer skate shoe as it is lightweight and breathable. It is not a robust as other materials and may not last as long, but it is easier to clean.

Leather is usually used as an accent, although it is possible to find a shoe with a full leather body if you so desire. In our option, the way to go is suede. Suede is the best material for skateboarding shoes and is what most DC skate shoes are made from.

Suede moves easily. It is breathable, provides support, and is very comfortable. Super Suede is a material used in many DC designs. Not only is super suede more versatile, but it is also completely vegan.

Every foot is different, and not every shoe is going to fit comfortably. Just because you buy it in your size, it doesn’t mean comfort is guaranteed.

Shoe width and depth make a big difference. If you have a wide foot, a narrow canvas high-top is not going to feel good. If your foot is thin, a chunky 90s style shoe is always going to feel loose.

Best Eight DC Shoes for Skateboarding (Men)

All the shoes on this list are highly rated, fall in a reasonable price range, and are available with free shipping.

The new Kalis collection for men is sheer perfection- and the Lite is our clear winner and number one pick. A true pro-product is hard to find for a reasonable price, but this shoe does it. The Kalis Lite is a premium skate shoe and is currently the highest customer-rated of the entire DC shoe collection (on the official page).

What we love about this new DC shoe is how well it combines sporty features with lightweight construction. Despite the lining and padding for a perfect fit every time and the extra-thick non-slip sole, this shoe weighs almost nothing.

Next is the DC Switch Skate Shoe. The tried and tested classic has been around for a while. After a few adjustments, the new super suede design is a customer favorite for various reasons.

The size and fit of the Switch are quick to get used to and comfortable to wear, thanks to heel relief and extra cushioning. All the seams and linings are reinforced to make the shoe more durable. It looks great, feels great, and is the ideal fit for a trendy skateboarder.

An entry from the classic collection is the DC Net. Combining breathable, durable materials with new and improved design makes this sneaker a clear contender for our favorite DC shoe.

One of the highest-rated on the Amazon page, the Net is the sort of shoe you could wear all day. Gripping the board has never been easier. All in all, this is one top-notch shoe at an affordable price.

Everybody loves a retro classic, and they don’t get better than the DC Legacy 98 Slim. A throwback to the 90s when skateboarding rocketed onto the scene and into the hearts of Americans everywhere, this skate shoe is a true legend.

Sneakers have always been a style statement. With the new changes, the Legacy 98 is now more durable, comfortable, and practical. It comes in a few color choices as well because accessories still count.

Another tried and tested fan-favorite is the DC Anvil. Transitioning between the skate park, school, and socializing has never been so easy.

Sophisticated materials in a casual, street-friendly package is what this shoes is all about. Functional and hassle-free, the DV Anvil is a solid choice.

Day-to-day skating has never looked as good. The Pure Casual Design is not only sleek and stylish, but it is also great in practice. Breathable ventilation, ideal material combos, and an extra supportive upper make this shoe a top choice.

With plenty of color options and a friendly price tag to boot, what’s not to love!

Stylish simplicity is what the DC Court Graffik is all about. Another casual leather entry, this customer favorite is one of DC’s highest-ranking skate shoes.

With a quick search, it is hard to view a better-looking skate shoe that keeps up with the practical demands of skateboarding. The color, size, shape, and material are all perfectly chosen. Considering the price, this was a clear choice for a spot on our list.

The Lynx is a twist on a classic, and what a twist it is. Based on the classic 90s design but with a few modern updates, the DC Lynx Zero is one of the top sneakers on the market.

Fit is the focus of this new and improved skate shoe, with foam padding and specialized insoles to keep your feet snug all day.

DC Skate Shoes: Best of the Brand 2021

Final Thoughts

Skate shoes are more than just clothing or accessories- they are part of your sporting gear! Whether you are looking to change up your usual look or want better results on your board, getting a new pair of sneakers is the way to go.

The DC skate shoe collection available to shop now is packed full of quality items in all categories. If you like stylish slide-on, cozy fit high-tops, or you want to see a vintage classic brought back into 2021, then you are in the right place.

Whatever sort of skate shoes you are looking for, you can find them at DC. Free shipping and an approachable price range add to the appeal!

Check out the official DC Shoes page and choose skate shoes in the filters. Alternatively, take a quick look on Amazon to see what deals you can get today!

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