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Hi, My Name Is Shasha Ash (AKA 'Skater Ash'), with a lot of time in my hands, I checked too many skate shoes for myself and for my kids, and now i know which skate shoes are the best!

Although some of the more traditional skate brands, such as Etnies, Lakai, and éS, have strong skate teams, their product has lagged behind majors like Nike SB, Converse, and Vans, all of whom often cooperate with up-and-coming manufacturers.

Of course, if you’re an experienced skater, you should have a pretty good idea of which styles you like and which you don’t. However, with skateboarding’s victorious inclusion in the Tokyo Olympics, we have no doubt that skateboarding should witness a significant increase in popularity. Therefore, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, we’ve researched it all for you.

The following compilation of the best brown skate shoes on the market today reflects the current state of skating, with certain riders and brands remaining anchored in tradition and others pushing the limits of what a traditional skate shoe should be.

Most Popular Brown Skate Shoes

The brand was founded in 1986 in France, and under the leadership of Pierre André Sénizergues, Etnies became the first shoe brand owned entirely by skaters. It has always prioritized quality and design, and its sneakers have quickly gained popularity around the world.

Etnies are also our favorite sneakers, both as skate shoes and as shoes in general. Of course, skateboarding is at the center, but because such high demands are placed on durability and efficiency in skateboarding, Etnies keeps delivering. As a result, almost all of their shoes are exceptional in terms of durability, comfort, and pricing. You are doing the right thing if you wish to buy Etnies online. They are available in brown, tan, and orange.

This is a traditional chukka boot style with a notchback. It offers the best ankle protection and foot movement. The Pillar is made of durable suede, with a vulcanized outsole and a vintage 80’s styled rubber ollie pad in the damage zone.

The Pillar is a revolutionary new model in the Emerica footwear collection. It’s a real mid-top with ankle support. Additionally, the vulcanized double-wrapped shoe has a breathable liner for ventilation.

When it comes to traction and durability, this shoe excels. It has a fantastic soft but long-lasting gum rubber outsole and the pattern is cleverly constructed to provide a spider-man-like grip while being smooth enough to allow for effortless foot mobility on the grip tape.

These Vans Low-Top Sneakers are straightforward and functional. They’re more than simply skate shoes, featuring a low-top design that adds a lot of adaptability to the shoes. It can be paired with every attire, and any of the color options are appropriate for any event. These shoes are attractive, classy, and fashionable.

It features a traditional appearance with two-tone decorations. The details draw attention to the shoe’s appearance without becoming overbearing. Furthermore, the shoes also have a lot of needlework to keep them together. When we see a lot of stitching, we know that it is a durable skate shoe. The stitching also serves as a design aspect of the shoes, enhancing and complementing the shoe’s appearance.

The shoes’ sole maintains the retro look and vintage vibe of the sneaker while doing all in its power to make you a better skater. The rubber outsole is impact-resistant and provides a lot of padding. A gum rubber sole provides excellent grip and traction whether you are off or on the board, and it absorbs the high impact when you land a trick (or land without your board). The trademark waffle design on the bottom of the shoe improves your grip on the board.

Vans Sk8-Hi is hardened at the back of the shoe to offer extra strength, particularly in a region that is prone to breaking down quickly. The Vans logo on the rear of the shoe is also very appealing.

The DC Pure Casual skate shoe has a rubber sole for a solid grip while also lowering the overall weight. This boosts its flexibility and your performance. Its upper is made of tough leather, which is also utilized to keep your feet comfortable when skating. The skate shoe has a foam-padded collar and tongue which are worth highlighting because they provide additional support for your feet.

This pair has a fantastic style and feels wonderful to wear and skate in. They are also dispatched rather quickly, though this is dependent on your location. If you live in the United States, you won’t have to wait long to wear and use them. They are also available in several colors for easy matching.

DC Men’s Pure skate shoes are made for you whether you are a skilled skater, a newbie, or want to get an excellent pair for your kid. All you have to do is be cautious while choosing a size. They are at least a half-size tiny, so this may prevent you from receiving a refund or exchange.

The shoes are quite sturdy and might endure for more than two years of daily use. The overall performance of these sneakers is unmatched, and they are designed to improve your performance on the road or while practicing flip tricks.

It is a professional skate shoe featuring lace-up leather and a padded tongue for comfort, as well as a topline for increased protection. The high-walled rubber sole provides excellent traction on and off the skateboard. The shoes are also vulcanized, low in weight, and have an abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsole for flick and flips.

This sole is indeed constructed from fabric, which improves the design and increases durability. An official DC men’s logo appears on the tongue, sides, and heel pad, giving it a distinct look.

If you end up purchasing these sneakers, choose a size larger than the actual size, otherwise, they may run small or your foot may crush itself inside.

While this pair is designed for skateboarding, it may also be worn casually. One disadvantage of this pair is that it lacks arch support, so you may be able to feel the ground beneath you.

When it comes to comfort, these footwears are excellent, and you should like wearing them when riding your board. Altogether, they look beautiful and can be worn for skating, working, or simply walking down the street, and are top-quality sports footwear for the price.

In the skating world, chunky sneakers do not always imply bright colors and triple soles. Chunky means big when it comes to skating footwear. If you’re looking for the best chunky skate sneakers, go no further than the éS Accel OG.

We realized we had to include the best skate shoe in brown from the most popular brand, so here it is. While the company may no longer be a ruler in its field where it was once king, the éS Accel is always associated with high-end skate shoes. In 2020, the brand is still selling the sneaker that made it famous, the éS Accel OG.

Regarding its performance, don’t expect to be wounded if you make a shaky landing. This shoe’s puffed suede upper and sturdy rubber cupsole showed that it still has plenty to brag about after multiple wear tests. Due to the additional padding, impact protection and support are assured.

The Accel OGs’ durability astounded many. Despite the lack of technology present in later models, these shoes held up admirably through weeks of nasty, absolutely wild skate sessions for roughly $75.

Every professional, no matter what sponsors they skate, for now, had to own a pair of the Accel OGs at some time and it has won the number one skate shoe award several times in its existence. Keep in mind that shoe innovation and what we anticipate from a skate shoe have evolved since the éS Accel.

Although many may find the Accel OG to be a welcome return to the past, certain competitors or younger skaters may find its fit to be a little out of date. In any case, this shoe deserves to be the star of the show.

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