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Hi, My Name Is Shasha Ash (AKA 'Skater Ash'), with a lot of time in my hands, I checked too many skate shoes for myself and for my kids, and now i know which skate shoes are the best!

Skateboarding has always had this allure to it, and most people check out the shoes. Are they full of holes, or are they new skate shoes? With the technology out there for skateboarding and the fashion options, there are tons of brands and styles. Therefore, you may be tempted to buy a certain shoe for your skateboard.

You could be spending hours at the park, so you want something that can last longer and offer the performance you need. Though you may be focused on the style you wear, protection for your feet is also crucial.

Therefore, this list of the top eight skate shoes can ensure that you’ve got what you need. There are a ton of factors to consider if you’re a skateboarder, and the shoes you choose matter.

While classic versions are always special, today offers many top choices. With that, you don’t have to hurt your wallet to get something amazing.

Top Skate Shoes on the Market

Whether you want to be like Louie Lopez or another famous skateboarder, you need the right shoe. The Adidas Men’s Daily is made entirely of textile synthetics with a rubber sole. These are considered casual skate-inspired sneakers that can be worn every day.

With that, you’re sure to appreciate the durability and support they offer. Plus, the lace enclosure ensures that you can tighten them or loosen them based on your needs.

The vulcanized look ensures that you get the performance you want, and they are soft on the heel. That means you can do whatever jumps and tricks you require!


Those who prefer the look of grunge are sure to appreciate the Graffik-style shoe. It has a padded collar for more foot support and comfort. Though it’s made of leather with a rubber sole, the ventilation holes help keep your toe area cool while at the skate park.

The tongue is wider, which makes it easier to pull up before your tricks. If that weren’t enough, these are designed so that you don’t have to break them in.

You’re sure to appreciate the sock liner of these skating shoes. Plus, the leather ensures that it is abrasion-resistant. There’s also a great toe cap that protects your tootsies while you’re doing various tricks.

Many skaters want to find something that’s amazing, and the Pure Casual skate shoes from DC have what it takes. These sneakers come in different colors and have what it takes to be at the skate park for hours.

With that, these shoes and have a synthetic sole and a full-grain leather outsole. Plus, the lightweight padded collar and tongue offer more comfort for your tootsies. If that weren’t enough, the cup sole offers more ankle and foot support, making it a protective skate shoe. In fact, this style of sneaker helps with the board feel and has an outsole designed specifically for skateboarding.

Are you looking for a new skate shoe? Adidas has you covered with the Seeley running shoe. This brand has one of the most original styles ever seen. Though this one is focused on running, it still has the skate style you know and love.

In a sense, this stylish sneaker is something that skateboarders can enjoy, even if they just do it in their dreams.

With that, it features a no-slip tongue and a snug fit. That way, you get the performance you want from a pair of shoes. On top of that, the leather upper material is designed for durability and bounce. There’s also extra cushioning, which is great if you’re standing on a board all day.

The Vans classic skate slip-ons are a favorite among skaters and those who have never been on a board before. They are the first pair to hit your brain if someone mentions slip-on shoes. That’s because the brand is consistent and reliable.

You know what you’re getting, and the board feel you want from the skate shoe, and that’s what you receive. Plus, this style of skate shoe is affordable. Even though it’s only canvas and has a low profile, it does provide impact absorption. That said, the shoe is light and thin to offer a better board feel, though it isn’t ideal for downstairs jumping.

The DC brand is starting to rule the market and features premier shoes that always wow. You still get that quality with the Anvil version. This shoe comes with a rubber sole that grips the board. Plus, it’s made of suede leather, which makes it durable and ready to go whenever you are.

The tongue and collar are padded, which makes this a top pair among skaters. Plus, they look like regular shoes, but you can mix and match them based on your wardrobe or anything else.

In skateboarding, some shoes are iconic. The Vn-0tuy187 trainers from Vans are at the top of the list for skaters who need skate shoes. While it has no padded tongue, it does come in various colors to match your outfits. Plus, it still offers the comfort and durability you crave from a pair of shoes.

The Etnies brand is a popular option and comes with a suede leather upper and a synthetic sole. When you require a new pair of durable skate shoes, the Etnies brand has you covered. It looks like other sneakers, and you’re sure to appreciate the support from this shoe.

Plus, the suede sole is strong and can ensure that you’re gripping the board at all times (unless you’re jumping, that is.) There’s nothing “old skool” about this shoe!

Buyer's Guide

If you want to keep your feet safe while skateboarding, you should wear the right shoes. Let’s take a look at the top considerations for shoe-shopping:

The first thing to consider is how the shoe fits because you wear them all the time while skating. When you put your feet into the shoes, is there plenty of arch support? The support of the shoe matters because you’re moving in different ways while skating.

With that, the material should be cushioning to offer more impact protection. That way, as you come down from a jump, you don’t hurt your ankles because they absorb shocks and all the rest.

Skating often means that you’re jumping on/off obstacles or dragging your feet across grip tape, so durability is crucial for your skate shoes.

Even if they look similar in design, each model could be more or less durable than another. The goal here is protection for your feet. You wear these shoes for many hours at a time while doing flip tricks.

Therefore, you want something made of durable materials so that it might last longer. Skating takes a toll on your body and shoes. Therefore, look for a rubber outsole. Though canvas is a popular material, it might not last as long.

Choosing a durable skate shoe for skating ensures that you are protected. If they aren’t durable, you may end up buying many different pairs throughout the years.

Skaters must feel the board beneath their feet, so board feel might be the most important aspect in your shoes. Most skaters are dedicated to cup soles or vulcanized soles, as they prefer one feeling over another.

To test the feel, you should see how long it takes to break in the shoes as you wear them. Then, consider trying out different grip tapes, sizes, and all the rest. Your skateboard shoes shouldn’t need a break-in period!

Traction is another factor to consider because it helps you maintain your balance. The grip tape on the skateboard offers tons of traction, but the shoes must work together to provide a maximum grip.

The cup sole is only part of the equation because the upper materials should also grip the skateboard for tricks.

Therefore, check the rubber sole at the heel and toe to ensure that it meets your needs. Typically, vulcanized models tend to have more traction at both the toe and heel. However, you may prefer non-vulcanized soles. It just depends on the tricks you do and your preferences.

You are sure to wear the shoes for long periods. Therefore, breathability is a huge concern. Canvas shoes are often the most breathable, but they can be less durable. On the flip side, leather isn't breathable, but most manufacturers put in ventilation holes to beat that issue.


Skate shoes are a must for anyone who uses a skateboard for hours at a time. They’re also worn by non-skaters. Regardless of how you spend your time, you should focus on the comfort of your tootsies.

Skateboarders understand what it takes to have a quality shoe that’s strong and comfortable. Since skateboarding is more popular, there are tons of brands out there.

However, the best skate shoes are those that offer plenty of protection while remaining comfortable. With so many options, it’s difficult to pick one. Still, the Adidas brand could be the all-time best choice because it has everything you want for a decent price.

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