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Hi, My Name Is Shasha Ash (AKA 'Skater Ash'), with a lot of time in my hands, I checked too many skate shoes for myself and for my kids, and now i know which skate shoes are the best!

The skate footwear market is gaining a lot of popularity recently; in fact, skateboarding, in general, has been gaining much more ground as a sport than before. Thanks to the influence of many pro skateboarders worldwide, many kids, teenagers, and adults are buying skate gear, going to their favorite skate site, and skate for hours

One of the most important pieces of gear for skateboarding is skate shoes. Keep in mind that having a good pair of sneakers can help you get more grip for your skateboard, which allows you to navigate with much more control over the skate site. However, choosing these products may not be as easy as it sounds since there are many brands to choose from.

On this website, we’re going to take a look at the eS Skate Shoes, which is a brand of skateboarding that specializes in this footwear kind. In essence, we’re going to go over the eight best products you can currently shop from this brand so that you can make a choice based on your current skateboarding needs.

What Do I Need in a Skate Shoe?

All skate products are different from each other. Yet, every one of them should meet some criteria to be considered high-quality skateboard shoes. Because of that, you should consider some things when looking for the best shoe for you.

Those things are what make skate shoes different from regular sneakers. Take all the time you need to look for a shoe that meets that criteria!

We understand it can be a nuisance to take all those things into account when looking for skate shoes if you are new in the skating world.

Fortunately, you can read this article to understand everything in a better way. Here are the fundamental things you need in a skate shoe:

  • Material

The materials of a shoe are what determine its durability. That’s the reason you need to purchase products made of durable materials to avoid getting an item you may need to replace later on.

Take into account that not all the parts of a shoe are made of the same material. For example, the toe cap is not made of the same material as the sole.

Each material can be good for a different thing. Shoes with a rubber sole have become popular among skaters. If you want a skate shoe that is easy to clean and lightweight, you want a cotton-made grip.

If you are working on a budget and want resistant skate shoes, nylon or canvas shoes may be the ones for you. However, the materials used in a skateboarding shoe are not the same as you use in a sneaker or other kinds of shoes.


  • Features

Some people don’t think a shoe can have a feature. That couldn’t be further from reality. Skateboarding items have excellent functions that focus on improving your skating experience while making everything easier and more comfortable for you. An example of that is rubber soles, which improve resistance and durability.

If your shoes have an excellent grip, you can feel lighter while skating. That gives you more control over your body.

Every item comes with different features. Some give you more protection while others more support. Establish your priorities to decide which shoe comes with the best features for you.


  • Brand

When we say you should consider the brand when looking for skate shoes we don’t mean you have to buy Adidas Originals. Regardless of that, going for a brand that is popular and effective assures you a safe purchase.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive product on the market, but try to buy shoes from a reliable company.


  • Price

Make sure to study the budget you have to buy skating shoes. There are many cost-effective alternatives available for you to buy them.

That doesn’t mean you can’t buy expensive shoes. Yet, there are also low-profile skate shoes on the market if you don’t want to spend that much money on them.

What Are the Best Shoes to Skate in?

Getting to the main part of this article, it’s time to know which are the best shoes for skating. Every product on the following list is reliable and effective.

These products are also excellent considering price, brand, features, and material. That means you can boost your style while improving your skating performance.

Here are the best-rated skate shoes on the market:

Adidas has always been the first option for people looking for stylish sneakers. Yet, this company has also designed many sports clothes. That includes skateboarding. The overall best skate shoes made by Adidas are the Men’s City Cup Lace Up Sneakers.

The shoes’ full-grain leather upper makes it resistant and stylish for young people and adults. Its rubber sole also boosts its durability. However, what this lace-up product shines for is its impact protection feature.

That’s because of the PU sock liner that protects your feet in case you fall from your skateboard while taking some hours to skate.

Even though this company is not as popular as others such as Vans, it has been able to go top to toe with them. That’s because of the level of comfort and durability Emerica can deliver to its customers. The Emerica Pillar Mid proves that.

When you wear these shoes, you feel safer than if you were wearing a regular sneaker. That’s because of its padded tongue and collar, which holds the heel and makes it more difficult for you to slip. These Emerica shoes also have a decent board feel and vulcanized sole construction.

If you are looking for items with excellent durability and top-tier cushioning, you may consider getting these Vans. One of the strong points of this pair is their vulcanized design that optimizes protection and impact absorption. That comes from its rubber outsole.

The VANS Unisex Slip-on Shoes are also popular because of their innovative Waffle outsole. These shoes last longer than other options on the market. Apart from that, they give you all the ankle support you need to feel safe while taking a break to take a ride on your board.

This list wouldn’t be a proper shoe list without some Nikes. Nike knows what its fans want, so it makes sure to give you a comfortable option without giving up style. Like the Nike SB, the Nike Court Vision has a rubber sole to make it more durable.

As we mentioned before, some shoes are made with more than one material. These shoes are one of those products. They are made with a combination of leather and rubber to make the perfect upper for people starting to skate.

Vulcanized shoes are trending among skateboarders. The DC Kalis Vulcproves that. The reason why this design is so popular is how its board feel and grip tape boost the protection the shoe gives you. Apart from that, it makes it a durable product with an appealing style.

The DC Kalis Vulc is also available in many colors, so you can get more than one pair if you feel like it. The shoe’s suede sole also makes it more comfortable than others on the list. Suede is not that common on these kinds of products.

Many products from brands such as the Vans Old Skool, the New Balance Numeric, or the Nike SB Dunk Low have a padded collar that makes the shoe feel super comfortable when you are on your board. Yet, other companies such as DC focus on giving you optimized toe support and protection.

The DC Men’s Net Se-K proves that. Wearing these products allow you to make flip tricks without putting your feet in danger. Its rubber sole makes it more resistant. Apart from that, it has a leather upper that makes it more stylish.

Etnies knows how to make skateboard products. You can notice that when you wear one of its shoes. They allow you to spend hours on your skateboard without taking a break. The Etnies Men’s Jameson 2 offers you that and even more.

Every shoe from Etnies tends to have synthetic soles and a padded tongue and collar to give its users first-rate cushioning. The upper part of the shoe is made of leather, and so is the grip tape.

At last, but not least, we have the DC Men’s Pure Casual Shoe. Like the previous product on this list, this item has a synthetic sole. However, what makes it different from others is its suede upper and grip tape. That protects your heel and gives you a padded tongue that offers the best feet support you can ask for.

Conclusion-Wear the Best Skate Shoes to Make your Board Feel Better!

As you could see, you can wear many kinds of shoes to protect your feet while skating. Make sure to choose the right ones if you want to improve your overall experience.

Whether they are made of suede or canvas, every shoe has something unique, so pick the one you feel more comfortable with. Doing this allows you to skate for hours without a break.

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